Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Headed to Australia Again!

Currently I am sitting in Vancouver's YVR airport waiting for my plane to Sydney, Australia. After an already long day of traveling from Halifax to here I'm 2 hours away from boarding my last leg of the trip. 15 hours in the air, hopefully I can sleep the whole time. :)
Some people might be saying (and actually have said to me) "Australia again? I thought you wanted to travel the whole world?" This is true, I do and I will, but all in due time. I just finished work on Friday after working since mid-Septmeber (being freelance and working in the film/TV industry that is quite a long time!) I'm tired and the winter is getting on my nerves, I just need a get away vacation right now and not a travel vacation. Instead of going to an all inclusive for a week I decided why not go back to a place 1) that I'm familiar with 2) where many of my friends live & 3) that is in the middle of summer! So that is exactly what I'm doing, my plan is to hang out & soak up some rays. (fingers crossed the rain goes away) Australia is so, so very close to Fiji however... so who knows I might make a quick hop over to there as well just to cross another one off the list!
Stay tuned, more updates to come & possibly some vlogs! ooohh aaahhh (we'll see haha)
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  1. SO JEALOUS. I can't take the Canadian winter!

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