Tuesday, June 23, 2009


is this two updates in one day? I don't even know if that happened when I was traveling!! haha just an update because I'm excited that I just got added to Nick Bowditch's " list of influential travellers on twitter"............ well maybe I suggested that he add me but he took the suggestion and now I'm on it! haha exciting!!!!!!!!

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more June updates

I've come to a bit of a snafu in the planning of my travel tv show, as I (fingers crossed, with bated breath) waited to hear if I was going to get some aeroplan points from a relative to help fly my camera man and I to Spain I find out that no there are none available. Upset, yet determined I won't let it stop me. I now just have spend much more money than planned.... eeek!! However I am now accepting donations of aeorplan points!! I need only 60,000 points and my boss has already offered up 5!! so 59,995 points left to go!! Please be sure to let me know if you are interested in donating :) it would be greatly appreciated and I will put your name in the credits of the show I swear!
On a happier note I have recently been excited to exchange a few emails with the great Canadian travel tv show "Departures" producer Steven Bray who has given me some great tips on filming in other countries and making a Travel TV show.
I've also booked the hostel for my camera man Cam and myself to stay in when we get to Valencia and have spoken with the manager about filming in and around the hostel. Also I am currently trying to figure out how I can get the permission to film from a balcony in the small town of Bunol to film over the crowd of Tomatina! If you have any friends or relatives there please let me know!
I have also met tons of awesome travel people on twitter! I just signed up for it one day to check it out and am amazed at the travel community on this site!! Such an invaluable resource for myself with great bloggers like @solotraveler @whereivebeen @lonelyplanet @Journeywoman @theplanetd @traveldudes @globtrav you can follow me on there as well @cailinoneil

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I haven't blogged in a month and a half because I haven't been traveling anywhere except from home to work then back home every day! A week after my last trip I started work again as an Assistant Production Coordinator on two new films being made for German TV. "Two Sisters" and "Second Honeymoon" which are adapted from books written by Joanna Trollope.
These films are being shot here in Canada which is being used as a double for Boston. The characters in the film all have American names however the language being spoken in the film is German. Since they are being made for German TV German actors and German crew have been flown in to make these films. So even though I'm not traveling at least it still feels like I kind of am because I'm constantly hearing a foreign language. It's nice to hear aside from the fact that I am working 12 - 14 hour days on these movies.
I will be blogging again soon though as I have started planning my next trip! This trip will be to Spain and maybe Portugal if I can fit it in! The plan is to go to Spain around the end of August and I am going to take a camera man with me and we are going to film the first episode of my very own travel tv show! The show is called "Travel Yourself" (www.travelyourself.ca) and I am putting all my ideas together and am planning it all myself. However yesterday I told my current boss of my plans and it turns out that she has some of her own plans for me. I am suppose to be done work around the first week of August with these German films which would give me time to prepare for my trip and alow me to have a trip longer than just one week. Apparently though I am starting on another film right away and the week I'm planning to be in Spain is the last week of Prep before we start shooting! Not so good - but at this point since I've already planned so much and I hope to be in Spain for Tomatina which only happens once a year, I think I might take the trip over the job. There will always be more jobs and there will always be more trips - so why not take the better one right? Or even better maybe they can find someone to cover for me while I'm away - sounds easy - but is a hard thing to do on a film as we aren't working that long on it to begin with! Alot can happen in one week. But travel I must!
Stay tuned this summer for more updates and exciting news!