Friday, February 5, 2010

How you goin'?

The first words spoken to me after I have stepped off the plane in Sydney, Australia. "How you goin'?" says the customs officer as I hand over my passport. This simple greeting still throws me off every time I hear it even , though I have heard it many times. Every time I have to try and wrap my head around what exactly this Australian person is saying to me. I want to say, "good" or "ok" but then I want to say, "I'm not going anywhere I just stopped to talk to you", or "to the beach!" or something, it confuses me every time causing me to always have a delayed response to give myself time to figure out the answer they are looking for it. However every time I hear it it brings a smile to my face. That one simple phrase shows just how laid back this country is and I love it. (the photo above was taken on my iphone as we were landing - too many clouds!)

I am so happy to be back here (aside from the rain rain rain rain) but I can't complain that it is at least 25degrees and when I left Halifax it was -20degrees. I have decided on this trip that I am going to try to attempt to do something new or different every day. Something new and different (N&D) that I did yesterday (my first day here) was:

#1: N&D thing - Friday February 7th was I ate a pizza, not that exciting you say? Well this particular pizza had a cute and furry friend of the aussies on it. No! I didn't eat a Koala! Come on! However I wonder what it would taste like... hmmm? Is cute and cuddley a taste? No, this pizza had Kangaroo on it! I have been to Australia a few times but had yet been tempted by trying it until I went to the Australian Hotel bar next to my hostel for some food and it seemed to be the best thing on the menu.

Marinated in native pepper with roasted
capsicum & native berries.

It was actually very very good! Tasted similar to beef, with a texture similar to steak, moist and yummy!! However I felt bad later that evening when I was out with friends and could feel kangaroo stuck in my teeth.....

#2: N&D thing: Saturday February 6th - Not so new, but kind of different. I am going to try to eat a whole piece of toast with vegemite on it. I've tried the tinest bites of it before, but this time its serious business, I feel like I need to understand why people here love it so much. I may even film it as my first attempt at a vlog for your viewing pleasure, hopefully I don't puke!

Update: here is the video of me eating vegemite!


  1. Dude if you eat vegemite your so going to have to let me add the video to my vegemite challenge series. You just have to like it I can't be featuring all these people saying its gross :)

  2. Bahahahahahaha. I thought you were going to make it. So what exactly does "how you goin'" mean? How you doin'?

  3. Hehe. I've always wondered what vegemite might taste like. I'll take your word for it.

  4. you spread it on way to thick. you just need a thin layer with butter ;-) i have it for breakky every morning love it. dont give up on the vegemite!

  5. The Key To A Successful Slice of Vegemite Toast...

    Take one thickly sliced piece of bread and toast it.
    Generously lather butter to melt all way through said piece of toast.
    Lightly spread a LITTLE amount of vegemite over toast. NOTE - you need to be able to see butter through the vegemite. If you can't, it's way to thick and the result is a gagging noise.

    RESULT - A scrumptious Aussie breakfast that can only be beaten by bacon and eggs ;)

    bon appetite!

  6. ps. 'how you going' or as it is more commonly pronounced here in australia 'how ya garn' means how are you. we like to mix it up down under

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