Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last day in London!

Friday May 1st.
My last day in London :( I woke up early, grabbed my traditional english breakfast and went to Oxford St. for some more shopping and bought a pretty cool picture frame that looks like a TV. Then I rushed back to my hotel to meet with the wonderful Oli, a friend of mine who I met in New Zealand but is from England.
It was a great last day as Oli and I tried to do some of the many things in London that I have not done yet. First we went to the London Dungeon where I constantly screamed like a little school girl and he didn't seem phased at all, pish whatever... Oli.
Sadly one of their rides was broken but the rest of it was pretty cool, I really liked the Sweeny Todd part of it and we learned a bit about Jack the Ripper too. After getting freaked out at the London Dungeon we had a quick a lunch and then decided to head over to Hyde park and go on a paddle boat ride of the Serpentine. It was a great day for a boat ride too as the sun was shining and it was quite warm out, no winter jacket for me like I had been wearing in Scotland and Ireland. After watching other paddle boats being "attacked" by geese we hopped out, strolled through the park and tried to find a place for Dinner.
The plan was to go on the Jack the Ripper walking tour at 7:30pm so we headed to the part of the city where it starts from for supper and ended up at a great Italian place looking over the Thames with great views. Dinner ran a little longer than expected so we had to quickly get to the meeting point of the tour but oddly couldn't find the group. Oli then texted Q&A i think it was called. Q&A is this great texting company that you can text any question and they will send you back the answer. (this was also good at resolving a few other questions that day) After texting them we realized we couldn't find the group because we were on the wrong side of the Thames and in the wrong spot. Ooops! However if that hadn't happened we wouldn't of gotten to walk across the Tower Bridge which was pretty cool as we tried to find the tour group, but with no success we just went and had some ice cream in Leicester square. Always a great way to finish the night! and a perfect last day to a great trip!
Saturday May 2, back to Halifax - time to get a job :(

Back to London

Thursday April 30th 2009
Left Dublin today and flew back to London!! Aer Lingus flight, very very cheap. At the airport I drank my last Guinness and bought my last souvenirs. A great pashmina scarf for my mom with celtic knots on it. I always feel like a slacker buying presents at the last minute at the airport, but I was still in the country and sometimes the airports have the best presents!!
I got back into London around 3:30pm and dragged my increasingly heavier suitcase down to the Undgerground and into the city. Next trip I'm hiring someone to carry my luggage for me everywhere!
I checked back into my hotel, did some interneting and then went out for supper and some shopping on Oxford St. That was when i discovered the Topshop! The Selfridges clothing store is attached to it and I had been there before but never to Topshop and I am amazed at the size of this place, 5 floors and it was so big it had its own nail salon, hair salon and restaurant and it was pretty much just like an H&M not even a department store. There were so many things!
I then had a lovely dinner at an italian place in the Covent Garden Market and watched Dan Magness attempt a world record at keeping a soccer ball in the air for 24 hours. It was pretty cool but that must be tiring!! head butting and kneeing and kicking a ball for that long!