Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the way to Spain !

Currently I am sitting at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport in Montreal on my way to Spain! Do to the threat of hurricane bill hitting the maritimes I took an early morning flight to Montreal to make sure I made it to Spain and because of that I had a 9 hour stop over here, but it was a great one. Of all the places I've been in my life and in the past couple years, I have never made it to Montreal. Now as I sit here waiting for the plane to Paris with my belly full of poutine I am happy to say I have "been" to Montreal. 2 buses and 12 stops on the metro took about 25min to get me into the city where I went to Mount Royal to see the "tams" (I think) (groups of people who drum in the park on Sundays and local artisans selling clothes, jewelry and knick knacks). After getting some sun and enjoying the scenery it was off to eat some poutine for lunch at a little diner recommended by a local. Mmm it was good. With another province checked off my list this trip is starting off as a good one and I'm still in transit to my destination.
On this trip I am being followed by a camerman as well while making a pilot for our travel tv show called "Travel Yourself" ( ) so far we have some great footage and we have only just begun! Stay tuned!

** this is being wriiten on my iPod touch, please excuse my bad punctuation !!

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