Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to London

Thursday April 30th 2009
Left Dublin today and flew back to London!! Aer Lingus flight, very very cheap. At the airport I drank my last Guinness and bought my last souvenirs. A great pashmina scarf for my mom with celtic knots on it. I always feel like a slacker buying presents at the last minute at the airport, but I was still in the country and sometimes the airports have the best presents!!
I got back into London around 3:30pm and dragged my increasingly heavier suitcase down to the Undgerground and into the city. Next trip I'm hiring someone to carry my luggage for me everywhere!
I checked back into my hotel, did some interneting and then went out for supper and some shopping on Oxford St. That was when i discovered the Topshop! The Selfridges clothing store is attached to it and I had been there before but never to Topshop and I am amazed at the size of this place, 5 floors and it was so big it had its own nail salon, hair salon and restaurant and it was pretty much just like an H&M not even a department store. There were so many things!
I then had a lovely dinner at an italian place in the Covent Garden Market and watched Dan Magness attempt a world record at keeping a soccer ball in the air for 24 hours. It was pretty cool but that must be tiring!! head butting and kneeing and kicking a ball for that long!

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